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I’m a Band/DJ/Promoter/Artist and I’d like to do a fundraiser for RightRides.
Thank you! We can help get extra people to the party for such a great cause. We prefer to work with events that already have most details sorted out, so we can focus on promotions before and outreach during the event.

if you would like to make your event a benefit for RightRides.

I’d like to volunteer to help at a fundraising event.
We welcome your participation. We need people to help the night of the fundraiser: at the door, at the information table, passing out clipboards for people to sign our email list, and handing out safety information.

We also need help spreading the word about RightRides, our related safety programs and about our upcoming events. For more information, please see Street Teams.

if you would like to help for/at an event!


I’d like to be a RightRides Representative.
We encourage your interest. In particular, we’re looking for a few dedicated people to attend Community Board and NYPD Precinct meetings on a regular basis to represent our organization.

Meetings are held once a month in the early evenings, in community centers around Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. Representatives are responsible for attending, taking notes of information that pertain to safety issues, and preparing an informal re-cap of the meeting for us. That’s it!

This is an opportunity to help RightRides build and maintain important relationships with local leaders. It is an easy and effective way to get involved with our organization and your community all at the same time.

if you would like to be a RightRides Representative.


We want to see your homemade video recording your walk home from public transportation at night. We want to create a composite video based on what our Riders experience and how they feel at night as they make their way home. We're looking for raw footage so no worries about having video editing skills. Videos should be submitted by March 31, 2021. Here's the regs:

1) you identify as a woman, transgender (m or f identified) or gender-queer individual.

2) you must live in the NYC area, in one of our current or upcoming* service areas

3) you have access to a digital video recorder - we have limited availability to lend equipment.

4) at the beginning of the video, please have the camera focused on you in a well-lit place (be sure you're not back-lit!) for 30 seconds while you say your first name, the neighborhood you live in, and the station/subway or bus line you are walking from. Please describe your walk home and any safety issues (i.e. "I live 8 blocks from the 6 train at Brook Ave. I do not feel safe walking down the quickest route home late at night because of X, Y, Z so I take a longer route home", etc.)

5) be with a friend to record the route that might be not the safest if you were by yourself, especially late at night. If your walk home is poorly-lit, feels unsafe/questionable, please record this. Let us know how you feel. We're looking for the stark reality of the struggles you face getting home at night.

6) you can be walking (and your friend recording you, as you are walking) or you can be the one recording the video as you are walking. Be sure to walk slow enough that the camera is steady/doesn't bounce too much and feel free to talk about how you feel about the safety in your neighborhood, getting home late at night, the cost of living in NYC etc.

7) the video should be 2 - 10 minutes in length and submitted to us by March 16th.

8) by submitting your video, you agree to release all rights to the video to RightRides for Women's Safety for our promotional use. We agree to credit your work and list you as a contributor, where and when possible. WHY are we doing this? Because your physical safety is an issue we care about. Because limited funds mean that many can't always afford a taxi home and walking from public transport isn't always a safe option. Because RightRides is trying to expand to serve more neighborhoods and YOUR VIDEO will make a profound, visual impact on potential funders who are interested in supporting this program. We need money to expand RightRides into other areas and your participation and video can go a long way!

Please to let us know you are making a video and we'll help answer any questions you have and give you specific instructions on how to get the file to us. We can also accept DVD's of your video, but please email us first.

Please feel free to forward to anyone interested. Thank you for helping us make RightRides possible!

*in 2007 RightRides would like to expand to these neighborhoods:

Bronx: Melrose, Mott Haven, Port Morris, The Hub

Brooklyn: Sunset Park

Manhattan: East Harlem, Harlem, West Harlem, plus all neighborhoods 23rd Street and south.

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