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January 2011- Volunteers of the Month

By admin  |  January 1, 2021  |  Volunteer of the Month


I’ll admit, being a suburbanite, that I hadn’t heard of anything like RightRides until Scott asked me if I wanted to join up with him. My first thought was that I wish something like this had been around when I was in college. I was one of the lucky ones, nothing ever happened to me, but there are few things scarier than being alone at night and feeling totally vulnerable. It’s nice being able to make someone feel safe.


I grew up in a working class neighborhood, so I understand the value of community based services.

In a 24/7 city like New York, people work all kinds of hours, and they often commute to do it. Getting to work usually isn’t a problem, but getting home after a late shift can be. Public transportation can be sporadic, even nonexistent, on late nights and weekends in certain neighborhoods. Many subway stations are unmanned late at night, and combined with the long wait for a train, it makes for a potentially dangerous situation.

Through RightRides, I am able to help mitigate some of that danger, creating a healthier community for everyone. After all, if everyone did a little more, everybody would have to do less.

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