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March 2013 - Volunteer of the Month

By RightRides  |  March 1, 2021  |  Volunteer of the Month

SARAH: My daily work focuses on public health, human rights, and social justice, but it’s rare that I get to provide direct services to individuals. Volunteering with RightRides allows me to interact with folks while feeling good about helping to provide a much-needed service: safe passage home. I first heard about RightRides in 2006 but was in the process of temporarily moving away from NYC for a few years, so wasn’t able to start volunteering until the Fall of 2011. Now, planning for my shifts is one of the highlights of making up my calendar each month, and I get excited each evening I prepare for a shift, whether by stopping for snacks to share with my co-pilot, or making coffee and settling in at my desk for a night of dispatching. RightRides is an amazing example of grassroots organizing, and of a community rising up to protect itself, and I’m proud to be a part of the movement.

I would love to see RightRides services offered every night of the week, and hope to see similar services and movements arise in cities everywhere!

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