1. Do you *really* only give rides to women?
Yes, we only give rides to women and women identified transgendered individuals. We do not give rides to men.

2. Why don't you give rides to men as well?
Many women are victims of rape and other violent attacks when walking alone late at night. Our focus is to prevent these types of attacks specifically against women. Although men are targeted for violent attacks, a very small percentage are targeted for rape.

3. Do your drivers accept tips?
No. We do not accept any money in the car whatsoever. This is a free service to prevent women from walking home late at night because they can't afford a car service or taxi. The best way to show your appreciation for the service is to make a donation. This policy helps to safeguard our driving teams as well.

4. Are you a car service? Are you a taxi service?
We're neither. Right now we're using privately owned cars, and the service is free. By that definition we are not "for-hire vehicles."

5. Can I call at any time?
The dispatch phone is only turned on during operational hours, Saturday from 12:00-4:30 AM,

6. Why are you only available on Saturdays?
Right now we only have enough drive teams to run the service one night a week. With financial support to build our own fleet of cars and more volunteers, we could expand the service to 4 days a week.

7. Will you pick up someone outside of the service area?
No. We have made a commitment to service the communities of Williamsburg, Greenpoint & the Lower East Side. If we go outside of that service area, we could potentially be unavailable to a rider in our stated service area. We plan to expand to other areas in Brooklyn in the next 12 months, pending financial and volunteer support.

8. How many cars do you have?
Currently, there is only one car (one drive team) available each Saturday night. If you call the service and the estimated pickup time is over our 15 minute response time, it's probably because we're busier than a typical night.

9. Why did you start the service?
We feel that every woman has the right to get home safe, regardless of where she lives or the income she takes home. If you want more information read the article by Colleen Kane on our press page.


contact us: info@rightrides.org