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In order to make necessary program improvements that will allow us to increase the service area, RightRides is turning to our community to seek donations for a new dispatch system. The current dispatch system is a patchwork of outdated and inefficient technologies -- like paper maps instead of GPS -- that create an unnecessarily long response time when people call to request a safe ride home.

A new dispatch system will streamline our communications process and ensure that everyone who needs a ride will get one in a timely fashion. RightRides needs to raise $5,000 from individuals like you. Demonstrating the financial commitment from our community will go a long way to convince corporate sponsors and private foundations to stand behind our work of preventing gender-based violence and sexual assault by providing an additional $25,000. 

Please show your partnership by contributing today.
Together, we can end gender-based violence and sexual assault.



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Our goals would not be accomplished without your enduring support, and we humbly ask you to contribute to RightRides by using the resources you have at your disposal, financial or otherwise. Because Top Ten lists are fun, we have come up with one of our own: Top Ten Ways to Give... Creatively! Innovative thinking is encouraged, and here are our suggestions.

Online Purchases
Before you make purchases on, click our affiliate link to visit their website. If you do, 5% of your total payment will be paid to RightRides! Yes, it really is that easy.

Round Up for Safety
Help RightRides by donating your loose change from every credit or debit card purchase. It's free and easy to sign up! Just go to our page on, and enter your credit or debit card information.  At the end of each month, SwipeGood will round up each purchase to the nearest dollar, and donate the change to RightRides. You can also cap your monthly donations, so you‘re in complete control of the amount of money you donate each month.

Be Uniquely You
Sometimes the best way to give is so obvious that we miss it. Are you an artist, knitter, or jewelry maker? Give us a piece of your finished work. Musician or DJ? Take up a collection from the audience at your next live show. Journalist or blogger? Write about our work. Home organizer or chef? Donate a session of your services for an upcoming benefit event auction.

Have a Party
Most of us will host or attend at least one gathering in the coming months, so while you already have your community together, ask them to pool their funds to make a large, collective donation. We can even provide information about our programs for your guests.

In-Kind Kindness
With the proliferation of Gift Cards, you can make an in-kind donation of items we always need--like office supplies, photo copies, and meeting refreshments--which helps keep our overhead low. Many companies, such as, Staples, and Whole Foods, even allow you to order Gift Cards online and send them to us directly. The saved expense of one printer ink cartridge pays for the annual Zipcar membership fee for one volunteer.

Start a Family Tradition
Family traditions have to start somewhere, so why not with you? Ask your family members (or friends!) to make a charitable contribution to RightRides in lieu of buying you a birthday gift. Every $10 we receive allows us to safely usher another rider home.

Stay Up Late for Safety
RightRides is always in need of night owls who are willing to donate one weekend night each month to volunteer as a driver, navigator, or dispatcher transporting New Yorkers to safety. Maybe you just like to drive or have a penchant for reading maps, whatever reason you choose to volunteer is a good one. Time is just as valuable as material goods.

Point Us in the Right Direction
Frequent credit card users and air travelers can donate your rewards points and airline miles. RightRides staff members are frequently invited to attend conferences and trainings around the country, but are unable to participate because of lack of funds. Your points will help grow the organization by broadening our support networks and connecting with nonprofit leaders in other cities. If you don't use points, they expire, so donate them to RightRides instead.

Save Time, Not Foreign Money
If you just returned from a trip abroad, you might still have a handful of Rupees, Euros, Pesos, or maybe others! We're happy to spent the time going to the bank to exchange the foreign monies for good old American greenbacks so that you don't have to.

Show Recurring Love
Consider adding a small RightRides donation to your monthly budget by signing up to make a recurring donation via PayPal. RightRides would be grateful for your recurring (donation) love! 

Just $25/month will bring approximately 30 Riders safely home each year. If you would like to make a recurring monthly gift via credit or debit card - please click the button below.

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Just $10/month will bring approximately 12 Riders safely home each year. If you would like to make a recurring monthly gift via credit or debit card - please click the button below:

This Gift is in the Name Of:





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