What to expect when you call us:

The dispatcher will tell you their name, ask for your location, call back number, your name and drop off location.

The dispatcher will find the nearest team and let you know their names, ETA, number and how to identify them. WE RECOMMEND you stay in the venue or in a well lit and safe area until we arrive. The Driving teams will call you back to let you know they are there.

Will always be prompt & courteous at all times. Two member teams are mandatory; one team member must be a lady. No flirtatious or inappropriate behavior will be allowed between teams and riders at any time. We have a zero tolerance policy about this!

We will only take you home! Please do not ask us to take you to another club or party, as this abuses the service and presents us from taking another safely home. We will transport up to 2 riders at a time and we will not accept cash in the car.

Please DO make a donation through our donate page! Every dollar helps make RightRides possible.

Your privacy is important to us. We will not use your name or call back number for any other purpose than to make sure you have gotten home safely.