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August 2013 - Volunteer of the Month

By RightRides  |  August 1, 2020  |  Volunteer of the Month

Rightrides Message_Mashuk AhmadMASHUK: Actually it’s been a while, I was thinking about doing some work for my community. I always had a desire to do something that would make my surroundings a better and safer place. I read couple of articles regarding violent activity against women and LGBTQGNC people in NYC. It made me think that I can do something from my position to make our community a better place. I was searching and luckily I found out about RightRides. The activities of RightRides instantly grabbed my attention. From that moment I have decided to volunteer with this organization, and work for the betterment of New York City in my spare time. Nothing better can be given to a person than the sense of security; and RightRides is providing this to people selflessly. I am really happy to be part of this organization. I would like to see RightRides expand beyond New York City.

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