Volunteer of the Month

April 2012 - Volunteer of the Month

By RightRides  |  April 3, 2021  |  Volunteer of the Month


I volunteer for RightRides because I think it’s important people get home safely in New York City late at night.  Everyone deserves to get home from wherever they are without being harassed or violated somehow, especially at-risk populations.  Volunteering the past year has been great because I get to meet and talk to people from all different backgrounds.  It’s nice to see the city from a car (or minivan!).  Lately I’ve been dispatching, so I miss seeing the riders’ faces and having crazy conversations (or not), but I enjoy the fact that I can volunteer from home, too.  It’s awesome to be part of such a great organization.  I hope that everyone who gets a ride home will decide to give back someday, somehow.

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  1. Laurie says:

    Chau is an inspiration! <3

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