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1. Do you really only give rides to women?

We only give rides to women, LGBTQ individuals and those identifying as Gender Nonconforming.

2. Why don't you give rides to heterosexual men as well?

Many women, and LGBTQGNC folks are targeted for assaults such as hate crimes or sexual assault when walking alone late at night. Our focus is to prevent these types of attacks, specifically rape. Although men are targeted for violent attacks, a very small percentage of heterosexual men will be targeted for rape as they are walking alone late at night.

3. Do your drivers accept tips?

No. We do not accept any money in the car whatsoever. This is a free service meant to prevent those at increased risk of sexual assault from walking home late at night simply because a typical car service or taxi may not be affordable to them. The best way to show your appreciation for the service is to please make a donation or join us at our fundraising events. This policy helps to safeguard our driving teams as well.

4. Are you a car service? Are you a taxi service? Can I hire RightRides to drive me around town?

We're not a car/taxi service, and we're not for-hire. We’ve teamed up with Zipcar, a car sharing service to make RightRides possible.  We organize volunteer Driving Teams to help operate the service to see our Riders home safely. Plus, the service is free. By that definition, we are not "for-hire vehicles."

5. Can I call at any time?

We only turn on the dispatch phone during operational hours (currently Friday and Saturday nights from 11:59 PM - 3 AM) and we can only take calls on a first-come, first-served basis. This means you can't "reserve" a car in advance for a set time.

6. Will you pick-up/drop-off someone outside of the service area?

Unfortunately, no.  At this time we can only service the communities in the Service Area. If we go outside of that service area, we could potentially be unavailable to a Rider in the neighborhoods served. This restriction is due to our limited number of driving volunteers and the funds to help provide for their Zipcar membership. We'd appreciate your help in joining our driving teams, or with your donation so we can continue our efforts at expanding the service!

7. How many cars do you have?

During high-demand months and with enough volunteers to drive, we have up to 6 cars available to operate RightRides. As of 2010, we have enough volunteers to operate between 1-2 cars on Fridays and 3 - 5 cars each Saturday night. We're always seeking more volunteers!

8. Why did you start the service?

There were a concentrated number of sexual assaults on women walking home by themselves in the Greenpoint and Williamsburg neighborhoods in Brooklyn over several weeks in August and September 2004.  The founders decided to take direct action to reduce the risk of sexual assault in their community by offering free, safe, late night rides home.  We believe it shouldn't be a luxury to get home safely.

With the help of volunteer driving teams and our vehicle sponsor Zipcar, RightRides has grown to 45 neighborhoods across 4 NYC boroughs and has driven over 3,000 riders home safely.

 More information can be found on the History and Press pages.